MAXXON Pontoons Catarafts Rafts tubes are (2019NOW PVC WELDED SEAMS. We are currently updating the following text! Any questions please call! 925-820-2628 ) glued PVC boats similar to Star, Vanguard, and a number of others. This means the lifespan is usually around 14 or 15 years. This isn’t bad for a glued PVC raft of this price range. A good hypalon model can last twice as long as a glued PVC boat, but the price on those is also at least double. A more apt comparison and in our minds a better value are the Rocky Mountain rafts and cat tubes. Rocky’s are about 25% to 30% more, but because they are welded rather than glued, can last over twenty years. However if your budget is highly limited the SB-320 (10.5 feet), SB-390 (13 feet), the new SB-270 mini (9 feet) raft, and cataraft pontoons from Maxxon are well worth looking at. They offer great handling, and their relatively flat designs permit the maximum possible rowing frame length size per size compared to brands with more rocker at the bow and stern. MAXXON is a branded product line of the Evergoing Products Group.
Whitewater Catarafts Maxxon - MAXXON Pontoons Catarafts Rafts

MAXXON Pontoons Catarafts Rafts – Rafts Rowed

Although any Maxxon whitewater raft can be rowed their relatively low rocker means they also make great paddle rafts, and are very easy to paddle-captain. This lower rocker and gentle lift also improves the handling over what many more angular, rockered rafts can provide.

The track mounted thwarts on all the larger Maxxon rafts are removable, and also adjustable to almost any position. The 14′ and new 16′ sizes come with three thwarts standard, but the footloops shown are no longer installed on the Maxxons due to liability concerns.

MAXXON Rafts Hardware and Extras

Maxxon rafts have ten 10 D-rings and four lift handles in the bigger sizes, and six D’s and two handles on the 9′ mini R2 raft. There are bail holes every 6″ around the whole floor perimeter, frame chafers (except the mini), and extra wear pads at the rear and just forward of the chafer to mitigate wear that paddler’s butts might create. The SB-380 12′, SB-430 14′ and SB-490 16′ have two full layers from the fender down, for 2200 denier’s worth of protection, and even a third layer of underside chafer at the lowest point. These extra layers, found on many imported pvc rafts, also make them a very difficult proposition to roll tight.

The I-beam floor is a full 7″ thick when inflated, and like the main tube it has a second layer on the bottom. There is a pressure relief valve on the floor, but you should never assume it’s safe to inflate the floor until it blows off. Especially with glued pvc boats. If you want your floor to last and not blow I-beams, you should only inflate it to shape, then just a bit more, and stop. Going even to a full 2 p.s.i. on the floor chamber repeatedly will insure you’ll be shortening it’s lifespan to some degree.


Five Year Warranty on MAXXON Rafts Catarafts and Pontoons

Maxxons have a five year warranty, which is fairly solid. The company has been around for a very long time now. A budget foot pump is included with all Maxxon inflatables, but you will want something better even if you are using a good electric for 90% of the inflation. Cheap foot pumps cannot be counted on for long.

Maxxon Rafts SB-430 14′ and SB-490 16′ rafts are shipped via motor freight, and this can get very expensive if you are east of the Rockies and / or if you have to use a residential address. Email or phone us for a quote. The two smaller sizes, and the cataraft tubes, ship UPS ground. Get your MAXXON Pontoons Catarafts Rafts while they’re in stock!

Rafting The West is a nice information site with lots of boating pictures!

Maxxon Cataraft

Jeff Jurney (left, orange lifevest) and friend Spencer Treadway (yellow NRS pfd) on a Maxxon PT-16 did NOT flip!


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