Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak

Discontinued – Please call Lee Arbach for a suitable substitute – 925-820-2628

Maxxon’s MK-1205 self-bailing tandem inflatable kayak is sometimes described as a multi-use model, but it is mostly oriented toward whitewater. It’s aimed largely at commercial outfitters and like Hyside’s tandem Padillac, tends toward stability rather than great speed. It is built with 1100 denier pvc, with an integral I-beam floor that also resembles the Hyside equivalent, with two I-beams and a rather wide miter area where the bail holes are punched through. Some water does pool around the left and right troughs. It has enough rocker for class IV water and inflates fairly stiff.


Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak blue

Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak blue

Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak Main Competitors

The main competition for this model would be the imported AIRE Tributary Tomcat 2, and the newer NRS Outlaw II. While the Maxxon 1205 will hold more weight than the tandem Outlaw, it won’t hold quite as much as the Tomcat or Hyside tandems. 400 pounds is probably a reasonable upper limit even if you see higher numbers posted elsewhere. At 3/4 the price, the Tributary Tomcat tandem is probably still a better value, though the five year Maxxon warranty is more generous than that of the Tomcats. The rigidity of the Maxxon is also better assuming you get the side tubes up around 3 p.s.i.

The Maxxon kayak comes in red or blue. The shorter solo version of this boat was discontinued around the beginning of 2013. It should be noted that Maxxon does make this boat without the bail holes, but that model would be strictly for calmer water. And if you want a touring kayak, that are many far better options in the $800 to $1,000 range.

Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak Manufacturers Description

As in all of our Maxxon inflatables we use 36 ounce PVC fabric. The undersides of the kayaks are all triple reinforced to 3,300 Denier material. All Maxxon products are built by hand and use only the finest materials and craftsmanship during fabrication.

Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak red

Maxxon MK-1205 Inflatable Kayak red

The kayaks are packaged with all you need for an exhilarating adventure.

Standard Features:

Two adjustable deluxe seats

Boat storage bag. (kayak easily fits in any car trunk)

Quick inflate “Bellows” foot pump

Repair kit

Available in self-baling or convertible self-bailing/non self-bailing

5 Year bow and stern warranty
Weight – 55 pounds
Valve – H3-1

Pressure relief valuve – H/R

Deluxe seats – black

D-ring – 50mm Stainless Steel

Soft handle – webbing

Tube material –  0.9t 1100D

Bottom material – 1.1t 3300D

Mattress – I-beam

Cone – 90 degrees (grey)

Air Chambers – 3

Drain hole – .07 inch