Maxxon SB-490 River Raft

The SB-490 production has been suspended while Maxxon changes production facilities. Please call Lee Arbach for options that could substitute for the SB-490 at this time. Thank you!

We have not been in one of the new Maxxon 16′ SB-490 self bailing rafts ourselves, and we almost never use rafts over 14′, so the best we can do for now is to give our general impressions. Always remember that Rocky Mountain Rafts has models in the same price range and that those have welded seams, not glued ones as the Maxxon boats do. The feedback overall though is that the Maxxons handle slightly better than the Rocky’s in the 14′ size, so the that may translate to the sixteen footer as well.

Maxxon SB-490 River Raft $135 motor freight credit/allowance towards shipping

Maxxon SB-490 River Raft color is now blue

Maxxon SB-490 River Raft color is now blue

One other difference between Maxxon rafts and the larger Rocky’s 12′ and up is that the Rocky Montain rafts have laced in floors, which is helpful if warranty issues come up with the floor, whereas the Maxxon floors are glued in. Maxxon’s tend to be a bit more rounded and less angular at the bow & stern, and most years they seem to come standard with three thwarts in this size and in the 14′. Some years they haven’t, so inquire to be sure.

Maxxon rafts have fully wrapped double layer tubes up to the 3:00 / 9:00 point, and nearly unrippable floor bottoms. And like the Rocky Mountain boat, they are very difficult to roll or fold up. Sixteen foot models of either brand are best for rafters using a trailer.
The spec’s follow-

Specifications for Maxxon SB-490 River Raft

Length: 16′ 1″
Beam: 7′ 9″
Colors: Red, Blue & Gray
Weight: 160 lbs.
Moveable Thwart: 1
Max Persons: 16 (this manufacturer spec is not correct according to me. I believe 10 to 11 persons)
Max Capacity: 1,240 lbs. (this manufacturer spec is not correct according to me. I believe it is half their spec)
PVC: 1,100 top / 3,300 bottom
Tube Dia: 17.7″
Chafing Pads: Yes
Air Chambers: 5+3
Floor: 7″ I-Beam
Self-Bailing 3/4″ Scuppers every 6″
Stowed Dimensions: 140x92x41
Warranty: 5-Year